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Coffee Jobs Board

Connecting coffee professionals
with businesses around the world

Coffee businesses and professionals together

As the coffee community worldwide grows faster and faster everyday, cafes and coffee businesses face the challenge of finding the right staff for their operations.

The Coffee Jobs Board was created to bring together businesses and passionate, knowledgeable coffee professionals to improve the quality of applications and ease of staff recruitment.

Why the Coffee Jobs Board

Focused on the needs of the speciality coffee industry

Has a large audience focused specifically on coffee

More than 3,000 jobs posted

More than 50,000 job applications processed

Average of 5,000 weekly visits across the site and growing

Dedicated support

Approachable pricing

Browse the CV directory and find the perfect staff for your needs

Contact candidates available for emergency shifts

How to post a job

Create a company profile

Upload job description

Choose how and where you want the advert to be displayed (city, country or worldwide)

Receive and review applications right in your inbox, and on the site.

How to browse CVs

Fill the specific skill sets needed for a job - this includes if you need staff members for emergency shifts

Browse through the results the profiles that best match your search or those with the minimum requirements for the job.

View each candidate’s CV and profile.

Contact the best persons for the role.


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